Barnaby Wainman – REALTOR®


My name is Barnaby. I’m a REALTOR® at Best Choice Real Estate.

In 2003, I moved from England to Brookings, SD. Back then, people often asked “Why Brookings of all places?”

Simple answer. My wife (fiancé then) is from Brookings. In fact, her family has lived in the area for almost 100 years.

I grew up in a family of architects, interior designers and property developers. As a child I could often be found holding the end of a tape measure, choosing paint colors, or pounding in nails!

All experiences that served me well as I went on to own various real estate related businesses; property management, interior design, and property renovation.

I’ve always enjoyed technology and I’ve made extensive use of the internet and social media marketing for advertising and promotion.

Early in my career, I learned the importance of providing excellent customer service. I strive to always go above and beyond for all my clients.

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Office: 611 6th St, Brookings, SD 57006